An evening at Christie’s inspires

On Tuesday 3 November Christie’s Auction House, in South Kensington, opened their doors at 6pm for their highly anticipated ‘Christie’s Lates’, a regular occasion which opens late on the first Tuesday of every month. Anyone can drop in to Christie’s at 85 Old Brompton Road, between 6.00pm and 8.30pm for a post-work drink and to hear inspirational talks from the masters of the trade.

On this particular evening, they hosted a conversation between Joanna Hardy, Old Bedalian and independent fine jewellery specialist, author and expert on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, and Shaun Leane, Britain’s most innovative jewellery designer who worked closely with the late Alexander McQueen.

Between the two, the discussion touched on an array of topics; it was inspiring listening to Shaun talk about his early career and his great achievements, one of which included creating a one-of-a kind necklace commissioned by Boucheron. This unique and inspiring piece of jewellery was to commemorate its 150th anniversary.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would highly recommend ‘Christie’s Lates’ to anyone in town that seeks to hear amazing speakers at a wonderful venue which leaves you inspired and stimulated.

By Scott Emerson, 6.1


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