Space and Time explored via theatre


By Jamie Murphy, 6.2, Drama Don

Inspired by their stimulus of ‘Space and Time’ Block 5 students recently performed their BAC devised pieces and the two groups took radically different paths.

The first piece, after looking at the David Bowie song Space Oddity, was an exploration of addiction, mental illness and loss, while the second investigated the lives of the astronauts that walked on the moon after looking at the book Moondust.

While both groups utilised physical theatre and naturalism to explore their themes, their narrative styles were markedly different. The first group devised three distinct vignettes that shared themes, while the second group chose to present a more linear narrative, seen through the eyes of the interviewer (who wrote the biographical novel) who witnessed the moon landing on television.

Both groups’ ingenuity, theatrical awareness and talent were clear throughout their pieces, which were evidence of how interesting and distinct devised pieces can be, even when ostensibly based entirely on the same stimulus.

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Thought-provoking BAC Theatre masterpieces

Block 5 BAC Theatre students recently faced the daunting task of performing the final part of their course (devised pieces) to the school and exam moderator in the Olivier Theatre. They responded well to the difficult assignment, creating intricately structured and thought-provoking masterpieces, which addressed complex and sophisticated themes, drawing inspiration from the challenging stimuli in last term’s exhibition The Big No by George Grosz. Each of the six groups worked in the style of either the practitioner Forced Entertainment or Brecht. Not only did the performers demonstrate skillful acting, but they also explored innovative techniques and showed expert playwriting, reflecting the experience that they have gained over the past two years.

By Molly Brooks and Josh Mazas, Block 4


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